The Mondo Concealed Hinge

Window design demands increase in an attractive home. Our concealed hinge side Roto NT Designo masters this discipline with bravura: No hinges visible from the outside, no caps – nothing detracts from the window’s appearance because the less we can see of the technology, the better!

Smoother Glass is Cleaner Glass

And Neat glass is ultra smooth. A thin layer of silicon dioxide makes Neat glass exceptionally smooth and hydrophilic, much smoother than ordinary hydrophobic glass. This allows water to disperse evenly or “sheet off” and evaporate quickly, greatly reducing water spotting.

The World’s Best Window Screen

With a patented proprietary blend of PVC spring steel, Flexscreen has created the most durable window screen in the world. It’s coated frame has a duralloy PVC coating found on municipality park benches and playground equipment. FlexScreen is the last window screen you’ll ever need.

In Window Mini-Blinds

Blink® is ODL’s most recent innovation, and is here to make the lives of manufacturers, builders, and homeowners easier. The Blink Blinds + Glass IGU allows you to create and market windows with built-in blinds.
Windows with blinds between the glass allow homeowners to control light and privacy levels while eliminating the hassle of cleaning window blinds, all in a child- and pet-friendly package. Blink built-in blinds make the ideal window treatment for a wide variety of windows.

Finger Print Handle

  • The latest finger print technology handle
  • Stores up to 10 finger prints
  • Green and red lights indications
  • Ergonomic and modern design
  • Convenient and simple handling for soundless locking and release free of play
  • Lasting high level of functional safety with optimum lock-in position
  • High degree of security for young children

Multi-Locking System

The 3 point lock is the perfect answer for security. The top and bottom deadbolt locations are hidden from outside to prevent the intruder from breaking in.

  • The top and bottom ¾” backsets are passive until the deadbolt is
  • The 1” deadbolt backset is engaged by turning the key on the outside or thumb turn on the inside.
  • When the deadbolt is locked it automatically activates the projections in the top and bottom locks to become a 3 deadbolt locking system.
  • The stainless steel lock faceplate runs the full length of the door.
    Better weather performance
  • Helps reduce warping

Switch your glass on and off for privacy!

Smartglass, also referred to as privacy glass or switchable glass, is electric switchable glass with adjustable opacity. It uses electro-chromatic technology to interchange between transparency and an opaque state by applying voltage. Privacy Smartglass can change from clear to a frosted appearance at the flick of a switch while allowing light to pass through from both sides.


Energy Performance Ratings

Our Windows are Tested for Energy Performance by a CSA-Certified Lab