Our windows are designed to meet a broad range of requirements whether you are an architect, custom home builder, dealer or homeowner, we have the window suitable for your project.
Milano Class Casement

Milano Class Cladded

Monaco Class Tilt & Turn

MONDO tilt and turn windows have a two option openings. In the Tilt position, the window opens at the top with hinges at the bottom. In the Turn position, the window is hinged on the side and opens by swinging inwards. Mondo Tilt and turn windows have multi locking cams which provides the home owner with a high security solution for their home. Accoustic insulation is essential characteristic in order to ensure a comfortable home life. Our tilt and turn windows are double sealed, multi locking hardware which guarantees superior acoustic, thermal insulation and great security. Tilt and turn windows are the only windows that can be cleaned from inside the house. Our experienced MONDO design team will advise you on all options available to personalise your home.

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Monaco Tilt And Turn Cladded


All our casement windows are made using Roto’s X-Drive System hardware with multipoint locking system and tuck away handle, an optional Roto Corner Drive locking mechanism can be added for added seal on larger windows in order to ensure that proper seal is achieved in all corners equally. All of our Tilt and Turn European windows are made using Roto’s made in Germany NT Designo Concealed Hinge Solution, additional features can be added such as Night Vent Security and Break Stay.

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All of our windows come standard with a 1” overall thick Thermal IG unit with Superspacer, using Cardinal LoE180 filled with Argon Gas, other options are also available such as various LoE’s, textured glass, grills and internal miniblinds. We are also able to upgrade the Thermal IG unit to 1 ¼” overall thickness for all casement series and to 1 3/8” for the European Tilt and Turn series. Please ask us about NEAT, the next generation of self cleaning glass for your windows.


Energy Performance Ratings

Our Windows are Tested for Energy Performance by a CSA-Certified Lab